• I will try my best to update what I have been working on over here.

  • The Forest Voyager, Book Three of Chosen Series is in the works now! Melissa's story and why she is on a ship with a grouchy merchant captain who is keeping a deep secret from everyone. She is immediately attracted to him because he looks exactly like the main character from her favorite book, The Merman Pirate.

  • In Book Four, the title has not been decided yet, but the story has been thought of and ideas written down. It will be all about Jenny and her own adventure.

  • Book Five is Emma's story and Book Six will be Owen & Vivian's love story!

  • Starting to write "The Tale of the Wingless Fairy" as an illustrated children's book from book one. Taking those tales and short stories from the books I made up, I thought it would be fantastic to turn them into children's books with lots of cool illustrations. I'm currently working on that project.

Works In Progress

Release Plans

Book Three Release

Hoping for late 2024, but we'll see how that goes.

Book Two

Now! Get your paperback copy today!

Book One

June 2022

My Books

The Forest Voyager, Book Three

We meet the lovely sisters of Cherry Kingdom who have lived in the Enchanted Forest their whole lives and have never seen what's outside of these woods. Dakota's story takes place when she loses her memory after a big hit on the head and forgets about her family, her friends, and even herself. Will she ever have her memories back when the shadows' power grow stronger to take over the magical forest and destroy everyone who lives in the woods?


The Forest Princess, Book One
The Forest Queen, Book Two

This is Laura's story of her adventure with her two sisters, Melissa and Jenny along with Guard Ralph as they explore the Outside World. They meet new characters along the way and see old friends. Will they be able to break new curses and save their parents from the shadows clutches?


Melissa's story is next and working on at the moment! I've been waiting for this book for so long! New cover will be shown after I get more work done with the book:)